Meet the Staff

Hi, my name is Cindy. I am the co-founder and current president of Threads Hope and Love. This mission has been my full time passion for over the past 5 years.
Hello, my name is Don. It never ceases to amaze me how a donation comes in one door as a need comes in the other. It's always in HIS perfect time. So many churches and denominations coming together to be the hands and feet for the area and for God!
Hi, my name is Sharon. It is such a joy to be a volunteer for this wonderful non for profit organization. I am glad we are here for those in need and I would not feel so needed if I were not a part of it.
Hi, my name is Rob. I haven't seen a place where the volunteers care about each other and the mission more than the ones at Threads, Hope & Love. There are so many churches and community personnel working in harmony. It is truly amazing!
Hello, my name is Angie. I am very grateful to be a part of the Threads, Hope & Love family. It's a way that I am able to help those in need while at the same time making new friends in the process. It's a joy to see the appreciation of others faces when they walk through our front door.
Hello, my name is Janelle. I really enjoy the time I spend volunteering at Threads Hope & Love. It really makes me feel good on the inside when I am able to help people that come in and put a smile on their face. Their appreciation they give warms my heart. God Bless Threads, Hope & Love.
Hi, my name is Shirley. Volunteering at Threads, Hope & Love really is a "Feel Good" thing for me. It really does make me feel good on the inside to do this work. I also believe that we are making a strong impact on our community.
Hello, my name is Marilyn. Threads, Hope & Love is very uplifting for me. I love working with the friends that I have made here. We laugh a lot and smile at the good work.
Hi, my name is Jill. Volunterring at Threads, Hope & Love is a way for me to "pay it forward" for all the kindness God has given me. I'm in awe and humbled both by those who give and by those who receive.
Hello, my name is Bethany. I am also a co-founder of Threads, Hope & Love. I have seen so many lives changed for the better when they walk through our door. That change is noticable in volunteers and clients alike, and I am absolutley honored to be a part of that.

Our Mission: Opening our hearts and hands to clothe those in need and help those in crisis.