To the clients of Threads, Hope & Love




Newest updates:

-Each adult and child will receive 1 bag for each person with a maximum of 6 bags per family. 

-Due to shortage of children’s clothing, we ask that you respect any signage or spoken concerns about limits on the amount taken each time you are here.

-If you would like to remove a bra or panties from the bags, please put it back in the bag after you check it. We make sure the items are laundered and labeled by size for your convenience.

-If you have an issue that needs to be brought to someone’s attention, please take it to the women at the front desk ONLY.  Issues will be taken care of without disturbing other shoppers and staff.

Registrations continue as they have been. If you are truly in need, bring in your photo ID for registration or have it to check in. You must have your photo ID! Everyone 18 and over MUST be registered. You are allowed to attend 2 public giveaways each month.

If we find out that our merchandise is being sold on consignment or at yard sales, or our new merchandise is taken to stores for money, you will never be allowed in again. That shows us that greed is taking over the need and we will no longer exist.

We ask that you ONLY take merchandise for your immediate family, not friends or neighbors. If they are in need, they should come in and register for themselves.

Be considerate of those in more need than yourself.

You are only allowed one trip to your vehicle unless we know. You cannot continue to shop once merchandise is being taken out the door.

DO NOT open closed bins or boxes.

Please don’t pile clothing up on strollers; you are given bags to hold your items.

Your children must stay with you at ALL TIMES. The young ones should not be carrying bags or playing in the toy department.



GOD began this mission and HE continues to bless the staff and volunteers with quality clothing and other items for you, our clients. We want you to be able to afford rent, food and utilities without having to worry about the additional cost of clothing for your family. We always have a financial donation container at the welcome desk for anything you can leave to help offset the costs of this mission.

GOD bless each of you.


                   The Board of Directors and staff of Threads, Hope & Love

God bless each of you.




Our Mission: Opening our hearts and hands to clothe those in need and help those in crisis.