We Can Help


We Can Help


Are you financially stressed? 

Are the kids growing faster than you can keep up with clothing them? 

Is your wardrobe aging everyday and you can’t afford to get new clothes? 

Do you need to get bedding or other linens and the prices are overwhelming? 

Kids are headed for school and you notice that the summer growth spurt really happens? 

Did you finally get a new job and they require scrubs, black pants, etc…?

Some of us are in a financial ‘hole’ that never seems to end. It’s seems impossible to ever catch up. Some of us are in ‘situational’ times of financial stress, like when extra expenses hit and there is no way to cover it all. Getting children registered for school with all of the crazy fees, supplies, clothing….it goes on and on….WE CAN HELP.

Threads, Hope & Love has clothing, linens, housewares, toys, books, shoes, purses, and a thousand other things, always changing, depending on our donations. We are a Christian based mission and God has blessed us to be able to be His hands and feet. 

If you need us, please check our calendar and find a convenient ‘giveaway’ day. We are open 4 times each month, except for December. You are allowed to come in 2 times each month, if you honestly are needing things. You will get a bag for each family member, up to 6 bags maximum. And you may get 2 ‘red’ bags for things other than clothing. You are also allowed an item that is too large to fit in a ‘red’ bag, such as a lamp, chair, etc. We have seasonal items, as the year goes along. Sometimes we put items outside that don’t count toward your bags inside. (you just need to take those items to your car before coming in) Our staff is always near and we can help you find things. 

What you need to bring…a photo I.D. will get your registered. You can only get things for your household and all children must be in your legal custody. Please obey all of our limits on specific items. We only have what the public is able to give us, so shortages on somethings happen. Kids pants are always a struggle for us. People do come and line-up early, but it isn’t necessary. Sometimes we are able to put out new things in the middle of a giveaway, after the first ‘rush’ of clients have left. 

Children must always stay with parents, always. Or you will be asked to leave. It isn’t safe for them. We do not tolerate racism or foul language, you will be asked to leave. No cutting in the line or fighting, you will be asked to leave. No smoking on either of our properties, or you will be asked to leave. If your children are running in the neighborhood, you will be asked to leave. We are in a quiet neighborhood, so please keep all voices down in the early mornings. 

Please don’t pick flowers from our Certified Butterfly Gardens in front of the building. If you are interested in the gardens, our gardener is usually here during giveaways to answer questions.